Paingel® with Devils Claw [The Original] 500ml

... our classic for over 15 years!

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The Original is only available here!

Knees, hips and shoulders hurt with the slightest movement. This is the typical condition of osteoarthritis.

The pain makes the muscles tense, which in turn causes new pain.

But it is precisely against this double pain that two natural remedies are effective: Aloe Vera and Devil’s claw!

Now you can relieve these symptoms with double force.

The Devil’s claw pulls the painkillers from the tense muscles and Aloe Vera breaks up aggressive enzymes that attack the articular cartilage.

Traditional treatment for:
- Rheumatism
- Arthrosis
- Arthritis
- Gout
- Joint and muscle pain


NOT suitable for toddlers!


Without Parabens - Without Vaseline - No Silicone

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