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Anti-Aging-Set [D'LUXE] 250ml

... the best of our D`Luxe® series!

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D'Luxe® GOLD is concentrated with 6 anti-aging ingredients for well-groomed skin.

Gold cools the skin and has an antibacterial effect.
It gives the skin a natural glow and looks softer and smoother. Caviar supplies the skin with important proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Coenzyme Q10 retards skin aging by its ability to fight free radicals. Syn Ake® is considered the Botox alternative! It relieves expression lines or prevents the regeneration of such wrinkles. Hyaluron absorbs moisture like a sponge - one gram can bind up to six liters of water! The hyaluronic acid contained in D`Luxe goes down to the deep and fills up the moisture deposits of the skin sustainably. Aloe Vera provides the skin with plenty of moisture.

Apply daily to freshly cleansed skin and gentle on the most 
affected facial areas such as the nasolabial folds, on the forehead and around the eyes.


The new D'Luxe® Anti-Aging Smoothing Serum⁴ with non-stop lifting effect | Gold, Syn-Ake®, Hyaluronic Acid®, Caviar, Q10 and Aloe Vera is a highly concentrated fluid that prevents skin aging.

If the serum is to make the face and neck more beautiful, a small amount of D'Luxe® Anti-Aging Smoothing Serum⁴ will be enough for the daily treatment.

Apply daily to freshly cleansed skin and pad in gently on the most affected areas of the face such as the nasolabial folds, on the forehead and  eyes.


The SERUM Concentrated WITH HYALURONIC ACID + RETINOL + COLLAGEN + PANTENOL + ALOE VERA is a highly concentrated fluid that prevents skin ageing.

This high dose smoothing serum with anti-ageing properties calms, moisturises and nourishes the
skin. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and is ideal for the more demanding skin.

Apply 2 times a day 2-3 drops of the serum in the palm of the hand and spread over the face, eye
contour, neck and décolleté, pat in gently and massage lightly. Afterwards, we recommend a day
cream from our range.

Without Parabens - Without Vaseline - No Silicone

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