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D'LUXE anti-aging smoothing cream with hyaluronic acid, Syn Ake® and Aloe Vera 100 ml.

D'LUXE® Anti-Aging Body Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid, Syn Ake® and Aloe Vera 250 ml.

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The anti-aging body lotion [Leche corporal - Ácido hialurónico] supplies the skin specifically with active ingredients. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural, bioactive moisturizer that can bind very large amounts of water and in this way the skin is padded from the inside out, making it noticeably smoother, firmer and firmer

Caviar ideally complements the care effect and makes the skin wonderfully soft, smooth and supple.

Apply daily to freshly cleansed skin and massage gently.

The result:
Your skin gets a healthy, well-groomed, visibly younger look.

The newly developed D'LUXE anti-aging smoothing cream without parabens with hyaluronic acid, Syn Ake® and Aloe Vera [cosmética de tratamiento] is state-of-the-art in anti-aging research!

Their skin

With age, the natural hyaluronic content of the skin decreases.

The episode

The moisture content drops and there are fine lines and wrinkles.

Their mode of action

The new crema de aloe provides the skin specifically with hyaluronic acid the skin's own wrinkle pads.

Hyaluronic active ingredients penetrate the uppermost layer of the skin, retain moisture, swell up to many times its own size and cushion the skin from the inside out.

Light-diffusing pigments Syn Ake® and Aloe Vera additionally provide an optical smoothing effect and thus retouch the skin surface.

Apply daily to freshly cleansed skin and gently on the most affected areas of the face such as skin. distribute the nasolabial folds, on the forehead and on the eyes.


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